What We Do

We create facilities that generate biogas from organic waste, enhancing your waste management capabilities and generating recurring revenue to strengthen your core business. Our onsite, advanced anaerobic digestion facilities convert agricultural and industrial food waste into renewable natural gas (RNG) that is ready for pipeline injection.

Customized Solutions for Sustainable Growth

Extensive Experience

Our team of engineers, project managers, and investment professionals have the know-how to build the right facility for your needs while leveraging federal and state incentive programs that drive system profitability and investment returns.

Partner Network

Our longstanding relationships with many of the most talented professionals in the industry uniquely position us for success within the diverse set of challenges and opportunities that must be navigated to ensure each project is delivered successfully.

Tailored Solutions

SKS breaks down the complexity and barriers to entry by creating customized solutions for each facility. No cookie cutter programs or brand allegiances here. Honing in on your unique challenges and opportunities, we design the project to position your operation for growth.

Let’s create a waste-to-energy opportunity that meets your long-term growth, revenue and sustainability goals.

Our Development Process

Step 1: Feasibility Analysis

After identifying a potential project site, our first step is to conduct a full feasibility analysis to assess your project’s potential for success based on:
  • The size and scale of your operation.
  • Your existing waste management practices.
  • The quality and quantity of your feedstock.
  • Your business strategy and financial strength.
  • Permitting and regulatory considerations.
  • Your location and access to a natural gas pipeline.

Step 2: Design & Engineering

Next, we develop a blueprint for a successful biogas facility, which includes:
  • Creating site plans and system designs.
  • Completing a detailed analysis of potential biogas production.
  • Identifying the best equipment and technology solutions.
  • Performing initial carbon intensity scoring.
  • Selecting and engaging project delivery partners.
  • Creating detailed project budgets and financial models.

Step 3: Construction & Commissioning

Lastly, during the construction and commissioning phases of the project, SKS will:

  • Manage construction and oversee third-party project delivery partners.
  • Monitor budgets and project delivery schedules.
  • Evaluate ongoing regulatory compliance.
  • Utilize best-in-class construction safety programs.
  • Manage the start-up and commissioning processes.