Trusted Biogas Expertise

We turn your organic waste into renewable energy with customized strategies that balance your operational needs and investment objectives.

With decades of experience developing, building, and managing biogas facilities, the SKS team delivers the right plan for your waste-to-energy facility.

With our diverse set of capabilities, deep knowledge, and broad experience, we create facilities that deliver optimal solutions for:

Waste Handling

Anaerobic Digestion

Gas Upgrading

Pipeline Injection

How It Works

Methane Digester Facilities

We partner with clients to develop facilities that convert byproducts, including animal manure, agricultural residues, and food processing waste, into ultra low carbon renewable natural gas (RNG). By converting waste into energy, our facilities, and the RNG they generate, can be eligible for tax credits and environmental incentives that enhance the financial returns for our partners.


Leverage our Expertise

As an experienced developer of large biogas facilities in North America, we bring projects from conception to implementation, ensuring that our waste-to-energy facilities operate efficiently and profitably. The SKS team has the in-house capabilities to create an ideal blueprint for your RNG facility, carry your project through the entire development and construction lifecycle, and help you achieve your long-term goals.

Project Benefits & Opportunities

Revenue Generation

Convert your waste stream into cleaned, conditioned biogas that can be monetized through injection in to the natural gas pipeline.

Operational Improvements

Manage your organic waste more effectively, reducing cost, preventing nutrient loss, and enabling future growth.

Environmental Sustainability

Capture greenhouse gasses, reduce odors, and eliminate potential contamination through water recycling and reuse.


Support the environmental sustainability objectives of your customers, regulators and corporate partners.